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Welcome to Keep It Grand!

Dear Members,

Welcome to Keep It Grand! Thank you all for your rapid and enthusiastic response to our first communication. I am pleased to report that as of March 10th, KIG boasts over 200 members committed to conserving East Grand’s natural beauty and tranquility.

KIG formed in December 2011 based on a call to action by one of our board members upset with rumblings and proceedings that pointed toward the possibility of planned wind development taking place on Greenland Ridge. Since then, more action has become apparent- by early February, two ~200’ meteorological towers (met towers) have been erected on Greenland Ridge to measure wind speed and direction. As best we can tell from permits, a venture known as Greenland Ridge Wind has been formed between the Danforth landowner Malcolm French and the construction firm Cianbro to pursue the development of a wind power installation along Greenland Ridge. The erection of these met towers is a clear sign that they are proceeding with a plan.

We do not know the precise process or timeline for the actions of this group- no application has yet been filed. However, based upon what we know from past and current wind projects around the State, we know this; first, met towers are erected with a purpose, and typically precede any application. Second, once an application to construct a wind farm is submitted, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection has to act upon this application in 180 days.  Therefore, we have to be prepared to make our case when the time comes.  Battles being fought elsewhere in the state against similarly intrusive wind projects have emphasized the importance of being ahead of any proposed projects. That’s why KIG is taking action now.

There are many arguments for and against projects like what we believe will be proposed on Greenland Ridge. However, the important fact is this: East Grand’s amazing environment is not a proper or even an acceptable place for this type of development. A wind farm could turn the beautiful night sky and the deep quiet of this treasured lake and land into a ridge of flashing lights and rumbling turbines.

KIG is currently developing our opposition strategy for this type of invasive development. As many other proposed projects in Maine have shown, a strong central group leading the opposition is critical for the proper care and consideration of these types of applications. However, while we plan our opposition, (and the project continues to be developed), it is vital that we get the word out about this to the entire, diverse community of East Grand stakeholders. Big Wind wants nothing more than to sneak these projects right past area residents- and we can certainly prevent that.

With enough support, we can win this battle.

We thank you for the support and effort you have shown already, and we ask you to please stay tuned and in touch with these issues- our website,, will be a continually updated and a constantly evolving source of news and information about this project and wind issues in general; and a regular email update will follow monthly.

We look forward to helping to “Keep It Grand” with your help.

Zachary Ross
Keep It Grand
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