What is the issue

An industrial wind farm of 40+ story tall wind turbines would be erected along Greenland Ridge on the Arm of East Grand Lake. A wind farm of this size would tower over the lake. It’s flickering blades during the day, flashing lights at night, and low, rumbling noise would destroy the wilderness beauty of East Grand.

Who is proposing this

This project is the result of the collaboration between Cianbro, a Portland based company, and the private land owner,
Malcolm French . Cianbro has worked on industrial wind developments in Maine before.

They have formed a limited partnership that may be called Greenland Ridge Wind.

The consequences

Evidence statewide and nationally has been emerging demonstrating that wind farms can in fact bring serious environmental consequences to the land and communities.

The unique beauty of East Grand Lake would be destroyed or severely damaged.

  1. Scenic vista destroyed, shadow flicker, and night lights
  2. Sound

The environment would be severely degraded

  1. Wildlife
  2. Threat to watershed
  3. Construction damage from widening and construction of new roads, ground work for tower foundations

The local economy would be greatly damaged

  1. Negative impact on tourism
  2. Negative impact on sporting camps and guiding
  3. Negative impact on property values resulting decreased tax revenue
  4. Little to none in the way of permanent jobs added


Though wind turbines are touted to be environmental friendly, they in fact pose serious problems for environments such as East Grand Lake. East Grand Lake is an environmental treasure that should not be sacrificed for short term economic benefit.

Even “green” energy has its consequences.

Project status

The project is moving along quickly. As of May, 2007, the State of Maine has an expedited process of reviewing wind farm proposals within 180 days of submission. The proposal has to be approved by the Maine DEP. A formal proposal has not yet been submitted but preliminary steps toward this proposal have been taken.

Danforth has passed a wind development ordinance after receiving promises of tax revenues from the project.

MET towers were erected on Greenland Ridge by Cianbro in January 2012. These towers take measurements of the wind over an unknown period of time. These measurements in past projects have not been shared and are not open to independent review.

What we need to do

  1. Educate ourselves and others
  2. Organize support
  3. Voice opposition and concerns
  4. Prepare the case to protect East Grand Lake when the proposal comes before the Maine DEP.

This may be as early as next Fall. Elsewhere, initial proposals in Maine went through quickly before people understood the consequences. Therefore, it is vital that we are prepared to respond fully and quickly when the time comes to make our case. As the serious consequences have emerged, there have been Maine cases (like Bowers) where the environment has been protected at least initially from wind farms. KIG will help lead the effort to protect East Grand Lake and join with many other organizations and people statewide to protect other vulnerable communities.

This is why we must take a stand to Keep It Grand!